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– Dr. Terri Cappello, Assistant Professor; Chief, Pediatric Orthopaedics, & mother of 2 children with food allergies


" Sarah's perspective on food allergies is genuine and insightful. She has first-hand
experience on how food allergies impact a child and a child's family. She also expresses the seriousness of food allergies, in a non-threatening manner. Her priority is to get a medically and scientifically accurate message about food allergies to the community."
-Dr. Rachna Shah, Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist

“Sarah’s perspective as both an early childhood educator and a parent of a child with severe food allergies made the information come to life for my staff in a way that made the in-service a very valuable experience for all of us!”    
– Marci Sperling-Flynn, Director of Early Childhood Program

“Sarah’s presentations brought a deeper understanding by the students and staff of how allergies affect the person in a way that they could understand. The staff has a greater appreciation of why certain foods are a danger for those who have allergies.”
      – Susan Poetzel, k-8 School Principal

“Thank you...your calm, confident and matter-of-fact approach left me feeling 100% confident with being on the front lines of the issue…now we have information we need to guide others through the learning process as well.”
-PTO President

“Your message and your experiences are inspiring and so key - compassion - the others are not being compassionate when they focus on their inconvenience instead of what it's like to be a kid or a family in this situation. Kids do have a more natural compassionate side than many adults. I like the focus on bringing that out in all of us."
-School Parent
“Sarah's calm demeanor, empathy, professionalism, skill, and confidence helped our community come together to support our students with allergies. She is an excellent educator on food allergies.”
   – School Board Member

"Both children and adults were given important information while participating in a fun and interactive lesson. The presentation was extremely re-assuring."   
- K,1,2 Teacher

"I have food allergies and so does my daughter...I want every teacher to take this training!"
-Conference Attendee

  • Recognized as a valid in-service option by the Illinois State Board of Education                    
  • ​Approved as an Illinois Gateways Training for Early Childhood Professionals

  • Selected to present to the children at the national Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) Conference in Orlando, FL-  May 2016