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My graduate studies in child development from the Erikson Institute support my 25+ years of experience working with young children. I have worked in camps, schools, American Red Cross and after-school programs in a range of socio-economic settings in 6 states (Illinois, Wisconsin, Vermont, Alabama, Virginia, New York) and in France as a Fulbright Teaching Assistant. I stay current in the field by attending professional development courses, classes and research initiatives.    

I DO.   

My youngest child has multiple life threatening food allergies (dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts). I'm hands-on and creative: I adapt recipes, modify outings, and have back-up plans. In the past 10 years I've become a subject matter expert in the prevention and management of anaphylactic reactions because I prevent on a daily basis and manage when necessary. I know what it's like to administer the epi-pen, rush to the ER and I spent a harrowing night in the ICU due to an accidental ingestion which caused an anaphylactic reaction. I will tell you with certainty:  avoidance of an allergen is a critical matter of medical necessity – it has nothing to do with food preferences.


I’m a teacher of early childhood education (ECE) professionals. I am passionate about matching development with practice. I enjoy creating interactive curriculum and presentations to engage adult learners about topics related to early childhood. I teach a range of courses at Triton College and Concordia University: Creative Activities for the Young Child; Health Safety and Nutrition for the Young Child; Language Development and Activities; Child Development; Intro to ECE; Science and Math for the Young Child, Seminar & Practicum.  I also teach in the College of Graduate and Innovative Programs at Concordia University courses related to ECE.  


I care about ALL children: what they hear, what they see, what they experience and how they are welcomed among us. It's become my life's work to respect the development of young children. 
A child development-based approach to educating children, teachers, parents, and school boards about food allergies.

Meet Sarah.

I learn. I do. I teach. I care.