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Children:  How about having a Classroom Conversation?

Effective for educating ALL children about food allergies which helps to explain why schools have peanut free areas or whatever the food allergy policy may be. Remember, school food allergy policies impacts ALL children.  It is important to reduce the fear and to appropriately answer the questions and harness the compassion of the peers.  

  • Children will learn about food allergies in a way that’s developmentally appropriate.  This approach is positive, non-threatening and interactive.
  • Children will learn about different food groups and the 8 major allergens.
  • Children will learn how to be proactive about food allergies.  It harnesses the creative and compassionate side of children offering them ways to be helpful.

30 minute presentation •   Fee to be determined
*discounts available for multiple classroom presentations in the same day

Adult Presentation: 

Effective for teacher in-services, early childhood conferences and workshops, parent education nights, school board presentations, camp staff for youth programming, university classroom settings.  Presentation is appropriately tailored to the audience.

  • Adults will identify the 8 most common allergens.
  • Adults will recognize the signs/symptoms of an allergic reaction.
  • Adults will extend their knowledge of food allergies by having a plan for prevention and management.  This increases awareness of high risk areas and cross contact scenarios.  
  • Adults will distinguish how to remain developmentally appropriate when discussing "life threatening” food allergies with children and how to remain mindful of the two distinct audiences:  adults and children.

1 hour, 30 minute presentation   •   Includes handouts, and Q&A     Fee to be determined

School or Parent Consultation: by arrangement

A child development-based approach to educating children, teachers, parents, and school boards about food allergies.

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