Are your teachers & staff trained in food allergies? 

This education program reflects over 10 years of experience with anaphylactic prevention and management. Stay Away Itchy Foods is recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education as a valid Teacher In-service option. Sarah Valaika is also an Illinois Gateways approved trainer. Education content is supported by Rachna Shah, MD & Teresa Cappello, MD.  
If you work with children, do you have a plan?  
Stay Away Itchy Foods is an approved Illinois Gateways training program. A severe allergic reaction can occur within minutes to children with known allergies as well as those without known allergies.  In fact, 25% of first time reactions occur in a school setting.  Food allergies have increased 50% in recent years. It needs to be on the radar of anyone who works with children. Prevention and management are important as is the tone we set. Schedule a Brainstorming Consultation!
Who is educating the children without food allergies? 
Stay Away Itchy Foods is an education program for children too. It is appropriately adapted to the audience based on their ages to allow children the opportunity to talk about food allergies, ask questions, and ultimately increase awareness about food allergies. Remember every policy impacts ALL children. This particular approach was presented at the FARE conference in Orlando, FL in May 2016.  Schedule a Classroom Conversation! 



    I learn. I do. I teach. I care.

    I am a mother of four children, an adjunct faculty member in the education department at our local community college and local university, as well as a parent of a child with multiple life-threatening food allergies.  I know from my experience and my training that observing and listening to the questions of the young child provides us greater insight into how children think and process their experiences.  How we talk to children about a potentially fatal condition MATTERS.  How we educate the adults who work with children MATTERS even more!

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    A child development-based approach to educating children, teachers, parents and school boards about food allergies.